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Ashley the Tiefling by beowulf900 Ashley the Tiefling :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 28 1 Critias the half elf rogue by beowulf900 Critias the half elf rogue :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 23 1
Bleach OC: Akio
Name: Akio
Nickname: "Carp"
Age: 288
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Visored
Alliance: Independent
Appearance: Akio is about 5 ft 6 inches tall. Not uncommonly tall, but not short either. His hair is a deep brown and just shaggy enough to reach his thick brown eyebrows. His eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean after a storm. A short, scruffy layer of facial hair covers his upper lip and chin. It never grows very thick, despite how long he goes without shaving. It causes him to have a sort of unkempt appearance. His clothing contributes to his unkempt look. Akio wears cargo pants or cargo shorts most of the time. He prefers loose fitting shirts, when he wears one. Akio usually has no shirt on under his opened jacket. Akio loves to wear sunglasses. His favorite pair look similar to steampunk goggles with a wide leather strap that is always hanging from his neck when not being worn. The one piece of clothing Akio never goes without is his jacket. It is a loose fitting d
:iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 1 4
Aori Usagi by beowulf900 Aori Usagi :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 8 8 Arrancar Zanpakuto: Sabueso by beowulf900 Arrancar Zanpakuto: Sabueso :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 7 1 Zanpakuto battle 2 by beowulf900 Zanpakuto battle 2 :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 2 9 Tsuruhashi by beowulf900 Tsuruhashi :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 4 12
Bleach OC: Hayden
Name: Hayden Rowe
Age: 300 (appears 23)
Sex: Male
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: Formerly 8th division
Appearance: Hayden can normally be seen in more modern clothes, like that of the average American 23 year old. But this is due to the fact that he primarily resides in his gigai, so that he may live normally among the humans. When he is in his shinigami state, he can be seen in his traditional shinigami garb. However it has been modified slightly. His clothes do not hang quite as loosely has most other shinigami. He had his uniform adjusted to fit loosely, without too much excess fabric swinging around. He always keeps his long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, although a few tufts of his bangs usually escape the confines of his hair tie and fall into his face. Hayden's face doesn't look like the face of a battle hardened shinigami. He looks like a youthful man, who has had it easy, even though that couldn't be further from the truth. The only reminder of his shinigami days that h
:iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 1 14
Critias: Three Bites
Come forth, Shinja! Critias' words seemed to echo for all to hear, even though he had barely whispered them. Within a few seconds after he had uttered the release command, the change had begun. Critias' two handed Jian began to glow a deep purple and seemed to wiggle back and forth violently just as a massive outpouring of reiatsu sent a cloud of sand straight upward, blocking Critias from view. The last three adjuchas were holding their positions roughly fifty feet away from Critias to his left, right and rear. They were fierce looking hollow that looked more like huge animals than hollows. One was a giant black bear with a scary skeletal mask covering all but the lower jaw portion of his head. His hollow hole was directly on top of his head. The last two adjuchas were stranger still. One looked like a large lobster/centipede hybrid covered almost entirely in his bony armor. The last was something that looked like a large bat who's back legs were modified into a seperate pair of wings
:iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 1 1
Critias: the begining
It was a hard blow to the head. It took all of Captain Critias' strength to pull himself back to his feet. His long shoulder length brown hair was stained red and matted together in a messy clump over his left eye. With a shaky hand, he reached up and moved his hair back as he tied it into a pony tail. It was mostly pointless, as his hair would have stayed back on it's own due to the sticky blood. The good news was, not all of the blood was his. Some of the blood had come from the hollow that he had just slain. Although the hollow did manage to get one swing in with his club-like hand just as he fell, cracking Critias in the head and sending him reeling. Critias had managed to kill 3 of the 10 hollows that had attacked him just moments earlier. But they were very powerful. The 7 left were more powerful still. 5 of the remaining hollows were powerful adjuchas class. The other 2, well, they were very high class arrancar. That would be a challenge for even the most seasoned of captains. T
:iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 2 1
Bleach OC Jeremy Rowe
Name: Jeremy Rowe
Age: 832 (Appears to be in his early-twenties)
Gender: Male
Species: ex-shinigami
Alliance: ex-8th Division Captain
Appearance: Jeremy is a very unassuming person. His appearance doesn't exactly evoke fear or respect. He just looks like an average 23 year old man. He is a little overwieght and has long brown feathery hair that is usually all over the place. He is about 5ft 6in and has a very slight limp in his walk. (due to an injury to his right knee) He used to wear the traditional captain's haori during his shinigami days, but now he usually wears clothing from the times in the human world. He can normally be found in a black or dark blue graphic tee shirt and some kind of carpenter pants. He wears plain black shoes that have no laces. (otherwise he would trip constantly) Jeremy sometimes wears hats, baseball caps if his hair is short, but usually it's long, in which case he would wear a beanie.
Personality: Those close to Jeremy say he is a very kind and loving pe
:iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 1 8
Jeremy Ashley and Claire by beowulf900 Jeremy Ashley and Claire :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 0 1 Ashley and Claire by beowulf900 Ashley and Claire :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 0 4 Tatsumaki Shikai by beowulf900 Tatsumaki Shikai :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 14 14 Tatsumaki sealed form by beowulf900 Tatsumaki sealed form :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 5 1 Zanpakutou: Banrai by beowulf900 Zanpakutou: Banrai :iconbeowulf900:beowulf900 7 8

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  • Listening to: All my kids yelling. lol
  • Reading: the national pokedex
  • Watching: Sons of Anarchy
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Mtn. Dew
Well, i'm back. After a VERY long hiatus. I probably won't be submitting as much pixel art as before, but i'll get to it when I can.
I have been very busy. I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome and recently had surgery on my right hand. Left hand is next lol. I now have 3 daughters and am currently a full time stay at home dad. I love it.
My youngest daughter was born premature and has had many complications, but she is doing well now and I finally have time to get on Deviantart again. I recently commissioned the wonderful ev1ct and the results were outstanding. He is incredibly professional and the experience was great. I highly recommend him. Anyway, I know most of my watchers went away. I can't blame them. I was inactive for years. But, i'm back now. If anybody is still watching... let me know. :)

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Jeremy Rowe
United States
Current Residence: don't worry about it
deviantWEAR sizing preference: whatever fits
Print preference: don't really have one
Favourite genre of music: rock/metal
Favourite photographer: holli jordan. (if you don't know who that is you aren't as awesome as me)
Favourite style of art: traditional and manga
Operating System: vista
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: uh........ turtle?
Wallpaper of choice: it changes everyday. i'm constantly finding the next best thing
Skin of choice: uh...... mine?
Favourite cartoon character: G.I.R., Cheese and Chowder
Personal Quote: when chuck norris jumps in the pool, he doesn't get wet. the pool gets chuck norris.


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Happy Birthday :)

I've noticed that your art skills have started to improve, so that's awesome to know.

I hope you're doing well. ^^
saber360 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Happy Birthday, man :)
L-SaDiablo13 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Hey Wulf, I have another custom MH weapon for you to check out since you said you were primarily a DS user: ([link]
beowulf900 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
everytime i click it the link doesn't work. it says it doesn't exist. :(
L-SaDiablo13 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Then go to my gallery labeled "the armory" and start page 2 or 3 I think.
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